Infant Spirit Salvation

Regarding Baby Spirits of Abortion and Miscarriagezzz59





It is a moving documentary to depict the message spoken by the deceased aborted baby direct, the suffering of being aborted, their temporary dwelling (as they called it ‘hell’) before and after abortion, how they made the horrible revenge, how they viewed as a successful help from the human World, and finally how a ferrying to a better place was successfully conducted. The mediator is Mr. F.T.Tan , the Principal of the Buddhist institute. He is an expert in ferrying possessing spirits. His message spoken to the possessing spirit is very concise and in line with the Buddhist Dharma.

Possession is getting more commonly known nowadays, thanks to the advance in information technology. Exorcism – a mean to get rid of the possessing spirit or demon – is generally employed by almost all cultures. Sudden loud voices and verses from some holy book were generally employed in order to scare away the possessing spirit. Chinese Daoism employs rituals to call the empowerment from deities in order to achieve the same thing. Such practices is normally very traumatic to the host and the resolution is not always permanent. Spirits can be scared away due to exhaustion and temporarily suppression. However, they might come back after the ritual is over as depicted by the video.

However, Chinese Mahayana Buddhism believes that all sentient beings are equally respectable. Buddhas never unfairly favour human beings than the spirit. In order to resolve possessing, some kind of mediation between the human party and the spirit is conducted. Buddhas’ role is the witness and judge who could broker a deal such that both parties could be happily accepted. Such process is not exactly ‘Exorcism’, but rather a sort of ‘Ferrying’ – to ferry the lost soul to a much better plain. Such method touches the underlying causes of possession and the relief is normally satisfactory and permanent.