China Feng Shui Tour (11 days 10 nights: Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hangzhou & Beijing)


Departure Date : October 18th 2017

Board the luxury airliner-Cathay Pacific

Fly from JFK/Newark to Shanghai via Hong Kong



October 19th 2017

Tour guides will wait at the exit to pick you up,

Adjacent flight’s guests need to be sent to the hotel, while waiting time for about 1.5 hours.

Arriving guests at Terminal 1 Pudong Airport, (If can’t find the tour guide) please wait at the door #10;

Arriving guests at Terminal 2 Pudong Airport, (If can’t find the tour guide) please wait at the 2nd floor – Business Center.

After picking up will send to the hotel to rest.

Meal is not included on this day

International Brands Accommodation:

Grand Mercure Baolong Hotel, Shanghai or similar


October 20th 2017

After breakfast visit the Temple of the City Gods located in the most bustling city center of Shanghai

After then tour the Shanghai Xintiandi -it is a symbol of Shanghai modern architecture – Shikumen buildings, the appearance to retain then the year’s brick wall, roof tiles, the interior reflects the modern leisure and the atmosphere of life.

After lunch travel to Nanjing, visit the Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum (exclude battery car ride),

Then visit Dong Shui Guan Ruins, Fuzimiao located in southern Nanjing City on banks of the Qinhuai River. Within the area are cultural attractions, arts, shopping, and entertainment

At night enjoy the Huaiyang flavor meal.



October 21th 2017

After breakfast visit the Jade Museum,

And then visit the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge of the Chinese people designed and own construction of the first Bridge across the Yangtze River during the fifties – This double deck bridge is for both the railway and highway.

Continue to enjoy the Chinese one absolutely ” Crystal inner wall painting”

Lunch to taste of Nanjing dishes “salt duck“.

Then travel to “the land of plenty” – Wuxi,

Tour the Lihu Park – The classic European-style building,

And the adjacent landscape plants against the background, constitute a picturesque beauty.

In the evening to the ” HongLi Dynasty ” hotel

Taste the year Emperor Qianlong tour Jiangnan  –  the favorite local dishes in Wuxi “Qianlong feast“.


Accommodation Local Brand 5 stars :

Xizhou Garden Hotel or similar


October 22th 2017

After breakfast, visit Jiangnan’s largest official residence garden – Xuejia Garden.

And then to the Freshwater pearl breeding base

And visit the Zisha teapot museum.

Afternoon to Suzhou having  the reputation of.”Oriental Venice”

After arriving in Suzhou, visit one of Suzhou’s classical gardens. It is listed as a United Nations world cultural heritage- Couple’s Retreat Garden – three side facing the river, one side of the street, before and after the river port, pink wall Daiwa, silhouetted against the bridge, quite Jiangnan water charm, It’s one of the oldest ancient gardens in Suzhou,

Evening in Jinji Lakeside Tour (Li Gongdi),

Taste the Suzhou flavor, delicious food with wonderful lake view, make you linger.

Accommodation International Brands :

Howard Johnson Hotel Suzhou or similar


October 23th 2017

After breakfast, go to Suzhou Silk Factory, feel the nature given to the human “Tian Treasure” silk reeling process,

After then going to Hangzhou –  the “paradise on earth”

Tour “West Lake Scenic Area” ,Huagang Guan Yu, Liu Lang Wen Ying.

Then go to Hangzhou Longjing Tea Garden. Taste the famous Hangzhou Longjing tea

At night to enjoy the taste of Hangzhou dishes (all day designated at their own expense program)

Accommodation Local Brand 5 stars :

Zhejiang Shang Kaiyuan Hotel Hangzhou or similar


October 24th 2017

After breakfast, travel to Shanghai,

on the way visit the Ai Tianyuan Lok Lan – Life Experience Center,

And then visit the Shanghai Art Expo Center and the “ Lok Hyun ” health center.

After then tour the Shanghai New Bund,

Here is the old Shanghai financial center, foreign trade institutions concentrated area,

But also a symbol of China’s reform and opening up and the epitome of Shanghai’s modernization drive


International Brand Accommodation:

Grand Mercure Baolong Hotel Shanghai or similar


October 25th 2017

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for check-in to Beijing

Arriving at Beijing

Reference Hotel: Lamma Hotel or similar

Free pick up time: all day

Location: Terminal (T2) Meet at Front Door of Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant


October 26th 2017

After breakfast, visit (Tiananmen Square), along the way to China (National Theater) after the tour to the Chinese Tea Art Museum. After the tour {the Forbidden City}, this forbidden city is the Ming Dynasty two dynasties twenty four emperors of the palace, Save the most complete, the most magnificent ancient palace buildings, afternoon to visit the Silk Museum, night to enjoy the large-scale dance party {Kung Fu Panda show).


Reference Hotel: Lamma Hotel or similar


October 27th 2017

After breakfast, visit the world cultural heritage Juyongguan Great Wall It’s one of the seven wonders of the world, is regarded as a symbol of China, after the Beijing Baoshu Hall. Afternoon the jade wholesale market, after the tour visit the UNESCO World Heritage Committee included in the World Heritage of the Royal Garden {Summer Palace}.

Image result for great wall of china

Reference Hotel: Lamma Hotel or similar


October 28th 2017

After breakfast, visit our country and the world’s largest existing ancient ritual buildings (Temple of Heaven) afternoon foot massage, after you can choose the special activities (tricycle hutong) Beijing famous (Shichahai Bar Street).


Reference Hotel: Lamma Hotel or similar


October 29th 2017

Free airport shuttle: 08: 00,13: 00

Venue: Hotel lobby.


1.Hotel accommodation + breakfast (two person per room);

2. Itinerary contains 8 lunch;

3. Excellent Chinese tour guide;

4.Luxury air – conditioned coach

1. International ticket from air ticket; ticket tax; passport and Chinese visa fee

2. Service tip (please pay at the time of registration): Total $ 50 per person

3. Must pay (attractions tour tickets + comprehensive fee, please pay at the time of registration): Palace + Juyong Great Wall + Temple of Heaven, a total of US100 dollars per person

4. Any personal consumption, single room difference, at their own expense and the trip does not contain meals.

5. Hotel and airport luggage pickup tips, personal travel accident medical insurance (strongly recommended overseas purchase)

6. Any additional costs that can not be controlled by travel agents, such as flight cancellations, weather, natural disasters, etc

1. Tour = registration fee + event fee + service fee (excluding the airport service staff of the tip service fee).

2. Do not leave the bed of the minors are no breakfast Please go to the hotel front desk for consultation

3. Airport free shuttle may have to wait for other guests, separate airport transfers are subject to an additional charge.

4. Special registration fee is only applicable to the United States and Canada overseas Chinese, do not provide English translation services, other international guests or their families please consult the surcharge.

5. Special tour will be arranged, the guests after the group as a result of the arrangements for the trip, not for any reason to refuse or half-way from the group, or need to pay 100 US dollars per person per day subsidy, and all other fees have been paid Not retreat

6. Guests who need civilized travel, any serious uncivilized acts that violate the laws of the tourist destination, etc. can immediately terminate all your itinerary and take the appropriate loss and penalty.

7. Our agent reserves the right to make the appropriate adjustments to the tour order / class hotel exchange and so on.

8. Guests participating in the need to buy their own flight delays / health accidents and other related insurance, our agency can not bear the personal causes of the relevant losses.